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ERP Module and Vendor Selection


Following an appropriate and research based ERP Module and Vendor selection process, EnterProSYS helps organizations to adopt the ERP package, fully meeting their requirements. An Overview,

  • EnterProSYS has ERP selection expertise in more than 100 different ERP Modules and Vendors solutions, including Tier I, Tier II, and other open source ERP providers.
  • As we provide a complete ERP lifecycle consulting services, so our clients benefit from our hands-on implementation expertise, resulting in a realistic and perfect decision on ERP vendor Selection.
  • We do negotiations with ERP vendors on our client's behalf. We have an excellent record on saving for our clients an average of 10 to 20 % less the original cost of ERP core cost.
ERP Selection is done through a comprehensive evaluation based on the following core SLIT selection criterions. Exclusively derived and recommended by EnterProSYS ERP engineering section.

Organizational Behavior Study
ERP adoption is a complex exercise in technology innovation and organizational changes management. Organization structures study done by our engineers, evaluates the events and behaviors occurring within an organization. It also recommends developing a stage model which identifies a flow of stages, phases through which our client has to pass while adopting the ERP innovation.

This criterion says to have enough or even more modules for core operation such as HR, MM, PP, and supply chain management. The functional evaluation is done by a cross-functional team. Comprise of EnterProSYS and our clients personals.

Cost Involved
A pricing strategy is an important criterion in selecting ERP package, components considered for attractive and affordable price are Software, Hardware, consulting, Training implementation team, system maintenance and upgrades.

System Reliability
This is one of the important selection criterions. System reliability is linked with the ERP vendor's credibility and reliability in the market. The number of organizations using that Vendor's ERP package, users and business satisfaction are the factors to be considered.

Better Fit With Organizational Structure
Selected ERP package should be simply implemented within the current organizational structure,

Appropriate and Cross Module Integration
Integration between all implemented modules for each business process is a must necessity and same is considered for our clients.

Implementation TIME
ERP implementation is an expensive and complex adopted innovation in a firm, hence a proper time scope is a part of our selection criterion of ERP package.