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ERP Planning and Beneficial Analysis


A successful ERP implementation in our client organizations goes through a detailed industrial approved planning analysis. The planning analysis is carried out as a very initial phase of ERP Implementation under the supervision of EnterProSYS engineers, experts and business analyzers in cooperation with the client's business process owners and management.


EnterProSYS consider the following as major stages along with the other standard planning stages:

Organizational Structure Analysis
The Proposal for having an integrated ERP system is carefully generated by considering the organizational structure of our client organization. Organizational Structure is always decided as a static parameter, during the business process design or re-reengineering as the most important platform, required for ERP design and configuration. Setting Organizational structure at one end, maintains the structural hierarchy for an organizational integrated business process whereas at same time emerge as an enormous challenge to set it up. EnterProSYS has expertise to deal with all challenges raised during setting up the organization structure in to ERP systems.

Legacy System (Replacement & Integration)
This is another step involved in proposing and planning of ERP implementation. EnterProSYS have successfully planned and implemented ERP's by replacing the un-integrated legacy Information System with an integrated ERP system, it's a must phase to overcome the operational and functional issues resulted by legacy system like pricing errors, difficult customer follow-up, poor invoicing, delivery failures and more.

Business Process Automation
EnterProSYS provide support in a company's Business processes re-engineering as per the defined standards of Business Process Reengineering (BPR). ERP is a system developed with an additional feature of business engineering (BE) blue print that represent an advanced integration of IT and BPR which improves organizations effectiveness.

Data Integrity
The integrated platform among all business would provide lots of features to get utilized for effectives of business like it provides common and central database storage in order to communicate and retrieve information in a quicker way and provides data integrity.

Improved Time Cycle
Having ERP is improvement of operational and functional processes reduces the cycle times in business processes. Short Cycle time through the automated and integrated ERP system has an overall successive approach to our clients operations.

A successful ERP implementation in our client organization would lead towards the following major industrial, operational and functional benefits and opportunities.


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