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ERP Staff Education and Training


A typical ERP package like Microsoft Dynamics and SAP contains up to 10,000 configuration tables and 800 to 1,000 business processes for different business modules. This much number of transactions makes it a challenging job both for implementing and configuring the ERP package. A perfect ERP configuration must require an input and involvement of roles like consultants, implementers, process owners and end users.

ERP package training for consultants and users has been ACADEMICALLY & PROFESSIONALY designed by our educational and research platform (inProSys). It is also a must need because of critical requirement in ERP implementation and the Shortage of ERP skills in a newly adopting organization with radical process changes.


Organizations adopting the ERP environment have lack of communication of new process, inadequate training, lack of support documentation and high users turn-over are the identified reasons of end-user failing with new ERP configured systems adoption.

Our educational and research platform inProSys researchers are addressing the challenge of ERP software training requirement, and extensive training and education on functionality and configuration has also been introduced as a second phase of some authentic ERP project implementation plan.

Our researchers help project team to understand the insight map of configuration in a process Customization. Normally process customization and management has limitations for business process owners and users who have less ability to effectively participate in the customization process. inProSys has fully trained professional with strong academic background to assist and train peoples on all aspects of ERP Projects.


InProSys has designed a number of real life examples from ERP implementation projects, which demand a must adequate training at certain levels of ERP projects. This gets familiar the implementers, process-owners and general students of ERP to have a perfect understanding, configuration and knowledge of ERP Modules with business operations. Following are few reasons, identified from live projects which are added as a part of our ERP training.

Hundreds of business and functional modules hierarchy, integrated at single platform.

  • ERP usage and familiarization in comparison with the legacy systems environment.
  • Complicated and Populated data screens and data fields.
  • Thousands of Transaction and configuration tables.