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ERP System Implementation


ERP implementation project follows our implementation process RAP (Research Approved Path). Our Implementation project proposal is designed by considering all the past successful ERP implementations and research studies. RAP Implementation has been planned and agreed on the following basis:


EnterProSys Implementation Process

  1. After a thorough research study of the Successful multi-phase ERP implementation in all sizes of organizations
  2. Followed a committed strategy of ERP implementations and adoption of implementation features by top market ERP implementation consultants and vendors.
  3. Critical Success Factors (CSF) such as, Clear goals and objectives, Inter department coordination, Project management, Pre-Familiarization of the clients staff, A visionary statement document of desired operational environment, project leaders and steering teams, processes owners and other stake holders , project management and data scrubbing are considered in our implementation phases.


Before we go-live with our ERP system, Following Pilot Phase has-been structured for our clients:

  • EnterProSYS's professional approach is to be have a pilot phase run for as many modules as possible on different sites in a typical business module.
  • Our approach of Pilot phase is as equivalent as a test bench of any new infrastructure in an organization. Main process owners and end users would be involved from each department as being guinea pigs role.
  • Pilot Phase has actions involved in, from outside customers and the real production process as well as suggested by consultants.

An implementation approach planned in RAP addresses almost all industry specific ERP modules for each operational and functional unit of our clients like, Financial, HR, Logistics (LO), Sales and distribution (SD), Production Planning and Control (PP), Material Master (MM) etc.

Our RAP approach has been identified and planned by considering the organizational and business structures of our client as top priority with the following GO-LIVE important factors:

  • Implement ERP for multiple sites of a company at same time, but a different module on each site.
  • ERP implementation with a slight big-bang approach (little-bang) on one business or operational module at each site on different time in case having multiple modules.
  • Once the specific module is implemented on one site, the same module process would go further to second site and so on.
  • Process owners of one particular module belong to all sites would be deployed at the implementation site to have users and process owners trained before the Module implementation process to another site.