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Storage technology is one EnterProSys most effective and valuable deliverables to its customer. Our team of backup and storage engineers is certified across best of breed storage technologies.

EnterProSys storage solutions allow customers to manage, protect, and share their data. Other benefits:

  • maximum uptime for your critical servers and data
  • Provide backup solution based on customer's needs
  • Daily, weekly or monthly backup services
  • Review existing infrastructure, collaborate with the customer, define storage needs, and deliver perfect analysis
  • Provide an IT roadmap upon which a company can utilize their resources to avoid any data disaster.

A comprehensive suite of services to help you store, manage, relocate, and retrieve your backup media from a secure, offsite facility operated by trained engineers.  we manage your backup media across its lifecycle, including:

  • Offsite Tape Vaulting
  • SAN and NAS Technology
  • Centralized Storage / Data Management
  • Fast restore times
  • BackupExec Solutions
  • Long-term Managed Archival of Data
  • Tape Library Moves
  • Inventory Audit
  • 24/7 invocation support
  • Fully Managed Solution

Cloud-based data backup Services
We provide Cloud-based data backup solutions to help you administer and monitor your critical backups through a web browser. It’s simple and reliable.
By hosting  off your data into the cloud based solution of our trusted Cloud technologies and experience focused on protecting your data as much as you do, you can reduce downtime or  get back up and running in case of any disaster.  Your business remains up and running while backing up and restoring from our cloud based backup services.

How our Cloud Based Backup Solution Works
EnterProSYS online cloud storage and services allow you to process backups automatically and continuously, either via the Internet or your own network. Your data will be safely stored in our remote, mirrored data servers and available for ready retrieval should the need arise.

We are business partners and are authorize to provide leading and efficient cloud based backup solutions to our customers.
With our cloud based storage and solutions, you will:

  • Automate data backup and retrieval with easy to manage tools.
  • Improve data availability with service level agreements as per your company.
  • centralized management and administration via a secure Web portal
  • Ensure a fully encrypted transport and storage services.