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Business Continuity Management

bcmEnterProSYS Business Continuity Services empowers our clients to resist and survive against any unexpected happen in their IT and Business Operations. We can offer protection from many potential risks that can threaten your company by disrupting critical business processes.

All Natural risks and disasters like earthquakes, fires, floods, and tornados, as well as risks from Cyber and Physical terrorism, cybercrime and Infrastructure failures, theft and employee sabotage. Any one of these events can be enormously upsetting to your business, and that can be significantly handled through business continuity management through EnterProSYS BCM procedures that includes a much more within its domain such as,

  • Business Continuity Procedures (business recovery, business continuation)
  • Mitigating Circumstances Management & Contingency planning
  • Data Center Management & Consolidation
  • Emergency & Crisis Management
  • IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Business Continuity Management is treated as an on-going process with several different mandatory components and features.

Cloud Based Business Continuity for Messaging Servers.

EnterProSYS offers cloud based Email Servers as part of our Business Continuity module of the email security service. It makes sure the availability to significant business infrastructure in the event of email server failure, wherever the email server resides. The service provides end user access to nonstop of inbound and outbound email to be made available from protected, replicated data stores via a webmail portal. The portal also allows users to send and receive email from any browser worldwide, ensuring business continuity during the time of primary email servers downtime.


Disaster Recovery Planning
Disaster Recovery Planning Services procedures & Practices in EnterProSYS are fully enable with ability to respond to an interruption in services by implementing a disaster recovery plan to restore an organization's critical business functions
Our Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery are part of one package, implemented as a single component for computer systems and services that stresses the continuous availability of all critical services.
Before creating a disaster recovery plan we review your company's entire business continuity strategy (BCS) and cautiously consider the potential impacts of disasters. In a BCS we consider all of the potential impacts from each of the possible type of disaster.

  • Natural Disasters (Earthquake, Fire, Floods etc.)
  • Power Outages and Power Failure
  • Computer Systems and Services Failures

Disaster Recovery Services:
Our service activities range from a short executive consultation on a contemporary risk-related issue to the analysis and implementation of a complete disaster recovery layer across the organization.

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Risk analysis & Assessment
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Procedures Development
  • Disaster Recovery Testing, Implementation and Auditing
  • A Cost Effective Disaster Recovery Procedures