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Now a day's business and organizations are focused on improving their business, production and profit ratios by increasing the efficiencies and effectiveness of their business processes. It has become the industry standard and well known procedures to enhance the business process improvement through enabling the BPM technology. BPM provides sustainable values on top of the service-enabled platform like Business process transparency, flexibility and transformation etc.

BPM Model - (A BPM Functional Analysis)
The Business process model for a purchase approval request is designed below in Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) to critically analyse the enterprise SOA lifecycle through BPM perspective. The BPMN and its explanation extracted below in table, explains the sequence of a business process along with a number of mandatory Business functions in a process completion.



EnterProsys offer an efficient Business Processes Improvement Service equipped by robust methodologies and tools which have proven record of outcomes and results. BPM has a proven emergence with our other expertise on SOA and web services technologies which has also revolutionize the transformation of business processes running on their respective platform.

Business Improvement Methodologies

EnterProsys has expertise, developed in accordance with a number of business improvemnt methodologies such as,

  • Total quality management (TQM)
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Six Sigma
  • LEAN
  • Theory of constraints

EnterProSys Business Process Management Offerings

  • Processes Modeling
  • Processes Analysis, Improvement and Re-designing
  • Processes Simulation, Execution and Optimization
  • Processes Support and Performance monitoring
  • Business Processes Modeling Training, Research and Education

Business Process Implementation
We can help you begin your BPM efforts with a clear understanding of the issues during a process implementation. Processes, technology, and people are fundamental to process implementation.

Business Process Modeling
We recognize your current business processes and business mode, create, govern & execute new processes and refine the deployed processes to match them to your declared business goals.

Business Process Optimization
To improve your business results and ensure that your BPM solution is fine-tuned to your dynamic business goals, we monitor and manage the processes deployed in your enterprise.

Support, Maintenance & Testing
Our pool of BPM experts are trained to provide skilled support for and maintenance of your BPM engagements. We provide comprehensive and cost-effective testing for BPM engagements using our award-winning SOA and BPM testing framework or alternatively we we can test your BPM implementation using a testing tool of your choice