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Enterprosys planning, designing and implementation services for Data Centre Transformation combine all the latest tools and technologies to transform our clients Data Centers in to one that provides business agility with lower cost. Our Data Center services are offered with a wide range of tools to create a cohesive, an optimized migration of data centers. In addition we work towards establishing a corporate and global level standards data centers with the entire set of advance and state of art technologies with the following aspects of a data center.

EnterProSYS Datacenter Consolidation approach should have well thought objectives once we finish studying the client Infrastructure and requirements. EnterProSYS focuses on the following consolidation objectives.

  • Support systems added in a merger or acquisition through Datacenter Rationalization
  • .Align systems with the enterprise's organization through segmenting
  • Make strategic moves to or away from certain platform types
  • Improve service levels and/or lower costs

As part of our Infrastructure Transformation and Virtualization, EnterProSYS provide DataCenter Virtulization services with state of the art relevant Solutions.

DataCenter Virtualization

EnterProSys provides customers with effective & efficient enablement and management of virtualization across your DataCenters.


While we offers services to virtualize servers & networks, we also have started offering datacenter virtualization. Vistulization can be further improved on clients request by Virtualization-as-a-service (VaaS) offering. In this offering, we provide all DataCenter Infrastructure as a managed Service to our clients.

It also offers “Business Ready with Virtual Infrastructure Utility” for specific applications like SAP. Clients can pick among our SystemVision Package depending on the level of Services required. Here is the lifecycle with few phases we have designed to virtualized your DataCenter.

Phase 1 - Infrastructure Assessment

  • Analysis of base architecture and overview
  • Access infrastructure assets including Application, Services, CPU's, Drives, NIC's & RAM
  • Measure the performance statistics and trends
  • High level review of business application infrastructure
Phase 2 - Designing Architecture
  • Identify the virtualization candidates
  • Create operational design and project plan for implementation of virtual infrastructure
  • Determination of the impact of virtualization on the IT organization and infrastructure
  • Define requirements for new environments
Phase 3 - Implementation
  • Implementation of virtual Infrastructure: Installing hardware
  • Completing configurations and building virtual machines
  • Integration with application, storage and network

Phase 4 - Backup & Security Setup

  • Define process for backup, store patching/upgrading and monitoring
  • Define road map for expanding new area of virtualization desktop, business
Phase 5 - Upgradation of Systems
  • Outlining operations procedure
  • Greening of the datacenter
  • Enhanced end user experience
  • Server consolidation and operations optimization

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