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When you need instant access to trustworthy data of different types derived from multiple sources, data warehousing may be the answer and EnterProSys BI Services come in picture.

At EnterProSYS consultation, our data warehousing services enables you to perform complex business analytics, and create, manage, and deliver rich reports to help your organization gain greater insight and achieve faster results. It’s imperative that the data that goes into your warehouse is “clean” so that you can trust the outputs to have a significant impact on the most strategic business initiatives we provide Data Warehousing and Business intelligence Services to help you design deploy and support BI solutions with low cost and increased efficiency.dw

Data Warehousing is an ongoing process, as data quality is not static – various forces cause it to change over time. Your data warehousing technology must be agile and flexible enough to grow and adapt along with your business going forward.

EnterProSYS has helped many organizations across different business sectors to implement data warehousing and data cleansing with key elements comprises on the following listed,

ETL - EXTRACT, TRANSFORM AND LOAD includes the processes to extract the data from databases, applications and systems, transformed accordingly and loaded in to target System. Some of the technologies used by EnterProSYS are

Microsoft DTS
Microsoft SSIS
Biztalk Server.

DATA WAREHOUSE ARCHITECTURE is the best possible corporate data integration. Data Warehouse as being a central repository of data is a core component of Decision Support System along with the OLAP as another essential element.dw2 EnterProSYS has all three modern expertise, used to derive the most enhanced Data Warehousing architecture. (Virtual View, Materialized View and DATA MART. EnterProSYS's BI Experts has managed hundreds of projects to capture the transactional business information from many operational source systems, such as the Operational data sources and Client/Server ERP Systems.

DATA MARTS is EnterProSYS's preferred approach to extracts data from a primary data warehouse for application where the repository of the data warehouse contains the subject of information, which is in datamart format. Most current and advanced data warehouse systems and commercial software tools use this approach to build data warehouses, which use data cubes to represent datamart and same is followed by EnterProSYS business intelligence engineers to maintain your decision and data integrity.

DATA MINING, or knowledge Data discovery in databases (KDD) as it is also referred, is the process of discovering and analyzing data with different patterns and perspectives and summarizing it in to more structured information for a better decision making.

EnterProSYS's BI Research Team has derived with the following Data Mining knowledge discovery process


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