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You are a business, no matter a small, midsized or large business, investigating which benefits the cloud could bring to your performance and operations. From EnterProSys pure IT and business consulting point of view, moving to a cloud computing environment is a decision which will impact your operations both in a business performance and financial perspective. It is such a strategic business decision and like any other strategic decision needs to be taken carefully.
While this trend is expected to accelerate, Gartner predicts it will also become standard for large companies to build their own highly automated private cloud networks in which all resources can be managed from a single point and assigned to applications or services as needed.

EnterProSYS belief is the future of corporate and Internal IT is very much a private clouds. We at EnterProSys also believe the future will be a mixture of private and public cloud resulting in a hybrid cloud. The mixed form (hybrid) cloud has some advanced and flexible features to offer and can be adapted to your needs.

EnterProSys Cloud consulting

EnterProSYS consulting help you implement cloud computing. After an initial Business Analysis, we develop and design a strategic roadmap for how and when you are going to use cloud services within your organization. Along with your personal business internal strategy, EnterProSys uses a proven methodology to support you in defining your strategy which will take you through a guided process.  Our Cloud Implementation provides a well synchronized and aligned platform between business and IT, cloud architecture and existing infrastructure,
EnterProSys offers a structured and vendor friendly program, to all our cloud computing customers who are planning to align their cloud strategy with their core business objectives.
Our structure program comprises of:

  • A clear roadmap to implement Cloud Solution
  • Business integration between on-premise and cloud applications Integration model
  • Operational expertise around cloud computing models
  • Enterprise Cloud adoption Assessment

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

EnterProSys (IaaS) solution is an open platform that integrates standardized products and technologies of various international partners as well as cloud computing servers.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

The (PaaS) platform designed by EnterProSys consists of a general application development framework and a process automation project management system.

Software as a Service (SaaS)
EnterProSys implements application management and billing management at the (SaaS) layer. It can realize the payment-on-demand function for cloud computing and can flexibly allocate IT resources as required by end users. Software as a Service and on premise applications will offer you the return and enable your enterprise to become a real time enterprise.

Disaster Recovery Cloud Service (DRaaS)
This is an end to end Cloud based disaster Recovery plan, managed by EnterProSys with disaster recovery and data replication management solutions. This service is managed and supported for for 24/7 operations with Recovery capability at a lower TCO.

Cloud Security Service
The cloud security service begins with the cloud clouding platform as the application basis and then works to harden the security of the cloud environment, ensure data confidentiality, and realize secure access to applications. The end result is a comprehensive security solution-and-service model protected against attacks on its applications


EnterProSys offers you the ability to develop both a strategy and a clear action plan:

  • Determine the right business processes to move to a cloud-based model.
  • Decode all the “as a service” possibilities (IaaS), (SaaS), (PaaS) and (AssS) etc.
  • Identify the right cloud delivery options, whether you need a private cloud a hybrid cloud, a community cloud or a public cloud.
  • We carryon and prioritize your cloud migration and cloud transformation projects.

If you want to assess your organizations ability to move to the cloud aligning both your IT strategy with your business objectives you can forward us a request on info@enterprosys.com