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EPS FOCUS is our business intelligence reporting and analytics platform. Our clients are agreed that it is the most efficient and user friendly software available for the rapid creation of custom BI applications like reports, dashboards, ad-hoc analyses, forecasts, etc. With EPS FOCUS, you deliver actionable, contextual knowledge for better decision making at every level so that you have the intelligence to understand to have a win business deal. A Complete Performance Management FrameWork of EPS FOCUS is here:

  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Dashboards & Scorecards
  • Desktop Integration
  • SOA & Web Services

To be impactful, reporting and analysis in EPS FOCUS is designed in a way supportive to both the front end as well as on the back end. Eliminating the need of a new interface to know the processes EPS FOCUS provides flexibility for interfaces, including embedding in desktop applications like Excel, SharePoint etc. rep&anly

Clients using EPS FOCUS as a BI solution, would appreciate for its features from highly interactive Scorecards and Dashboards to advanced budgeting and planning to operational support and strategic analysis. Data connectivity and graphical flexibility are cornerstones of EPS FOCUS, providing the flexibility required to deploy the highly accepted business intelligence and analysis applications.

At EnterProSYS we prefer the most critical factors of analysis such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Performance Management in order to maintain Analytics and Reporting of our clients. Our Business Analytics provides services and solutions technically enhanced with Advanced Querying, Reporting and OLAP features.

Our reporting and Analysis solutions maximize usability by delivering some of today's most advanced web based features, such as integrated proactive hyperlink drill downs  in various supported formats to any other report, program or locations. Reports can be easily distributed based on a schedule, as an occurrence, or as an event, and a single large report can be burst into sections, with only appropriate pages delivered to authorized users.

Financial Reporting is embedded as a most critical module of EPS FOCUS, empowered with understanding for chart of accounts data, creation of profit and loss statements, balance sheets, or any other type of financial reports .Finance professionals at all levels can access and analyze real-time information from any source, and rapidly share it with investors, creditors, regulatory agencies, and other key stakeholders.

deshEPS FOCUS includes Dashboard and scorecards which are often used interchangeably as front-end tool of data mining, although they have indeed different functionalities. Scorecards focus on a given metric and compares it to a forecast or target, whereas Dashboards presents multiple numbers in different ways, additionally dashboards display metrics and targets with visual traffic lighting to show the performance of that metric.


To provide the greatest benefit, dashboards and scorecards are designed dynamically so that it  allow users to drill down into information to better understand the causes of underperformance.

Dashboards provide flexible performance metrics and reports. Scorecards go a step further to help decision makers analyze performance and risks by connecting related key performance indicators (KPIs), and hence show the impact of a company's business activity on operational results as well as strategic business objectives.


Financial Ratio Scorecard: Gives executives the real-time and historic operating ratios they crave to effectively run the business and manage for growth. The Financial Ratios Scorecard includes metrics that are built using embedded formulas against core data providing insight into key business drivers such as Days Sales Outstanding, Asset Turnover, Profit Margin on Sales, Debt to Equity and much more.



EPS FOCUS is unique in allowing the integration of dashboard and scorecard functionality within one application, where users can drill directly from the KPIs of a scorecard to detailed dashboard information in order to make an informed decision on a business issue. In addition, EPS FOCUS dashboards and scorecards enable collaborative decision-making and proactive performance management, aligning actions and business decisions with operational and strategic objectives.

Microsoft Excel Analytics

EPS Excel Analytics extends EnterProSys analytical power to the Microsoft Office desktop by providing a seamless integration of EPS FOCUS’s content and functionality to Microsoft Excel. EPS Excel Analytics extends the capabilities of EPS FOCUS deployments by providing ad-hoc analysis capabilities across multiple data sources in a broadly available and familiar Microsoft Office environment.

EPS Excel Analytics extends EnterProSys analytical power to the Microsoft Office desktop by providing a seamless integration of EPS FOCUS’s content and functionality to Microsoft Excel. EPS Excel Analytics extends the capabilities of EPS FOCUS deployments by providing ad-hoc analysis capabilities across multiple data sources in a broadly available and familiar Microsoft Office environment. Easily scalable across the enterprise, EPS Excel Analytics empowers users to further analyze corporate data and write-back to the original data sources as needed, while maintaining the security and centralized control demanded by the IT organization. Available Functions

  • Export queries and objects directly to Microsoft Excel
  • Create centralized and secure Excel applications while conforming to IT governance and standards
  • Access all major databases and BI systems via Excel
  • Perform ad-hoc analysis in an Excel spreadsheet environment

With EPS Excel Analytics, business users take advantage of Excel's built-in functionalities to further query, analyze, and modify the data. EPS Excel Analytics allows users to integrate data in Excel from multiple data sources, including systems from SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and others, serving as the Excel Add-In to data sources for which a native Excel Add-In does not exist.

Deployment in SharePoint

EnterProSys allows users the flexibility of displaying fully interactive dashboards and scorecards or housing individual information from existing BI applications within their SharePoint environment.

EnterProSys integrated solution uses web parts to build rich analytic dashboards and scorecards within SharePoint. It pulls together valuable content from various data sources, making collaborative business intelligence possible within an organization's existing SharePoint environment.
Key Features

  • We can redesign your SharePoint BI app to capable to connect not only with Microsoft data sources but with various other data sources. Its supports apps including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM etc.
  • Web parts are available in multiple sizes, making it easy to adapt to your viewing needs
  • Provides Ad-hoc Analysis by pivoting in a web part interface
  • Bi-directional data communication including write-back to source data

Fully enriched and supportive by web services features, EPS FOCUS is comprehensively designed compatible with our Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) based business process platform (BPP). This integration and compatibility with SOA further improves the analytical access to data and also shares the results of analysis with other applications running on a general business platform of any organization. It can Use any web service as a data source from a legacy or operational system, business intelligence data source, 3rd-party source, or even another application.

Business Processes monitoring and improvement through web services instead of just metrics is possible with in EPS FOCUS, such as financial dashboard based on Hyperion and SAP data and other multiple systems.

EPS FOCUS enhances standard web services by supporting server-side and client-side mashup capabilities. Consider the following’s

  • your analysis integrated with Google Maps or Microsoft's Earth, also showing competitor locations
  • Insurance risk analysis overlaid with video coverage of accident locations.
  • Inventory turn and shrink analysis integrated with a Crunch Base diagram of the supplier network

With EPS FOCUS, you will focus on the processes  as you get business intelligence from multiple data sources such as ERP, OLAP, relational databases, and web services simultaneously and with ease of administration.

The core components of the EPS FOCUS ARCHITECTURE are:

Application Server - This Windows server provides consistent, centralized analytics, over the web and in real time.
Data Source - EPS FOCUS has a provision for a variety of data sources such as ERP, relational databases, OLAP, etc.
Web Services / SOA - EPS FOCUS is fully SOA enabled, providing web services support for any business analysis.
Application Designer - development frontend for flexible BI solutions enables organizations to create any number of charts, graphs, tables, text, and graphics can be combined, creating a unique look and feel for each application.