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Managing multi-technology LEGACY based IT Systems and Applications is considered a complex tak. in order to built the most recent and legacy based systems and applications we provide all necessary combination of resources in the form of Technology and Project Management. we provide a complete system design, hardware, software, procurement, testing and rollout works.


Whether its a constant linkage of your advanced applications with your legacy applications our its a temporary based integration we have expertise to do the project with proper project phases. This kind of integration having both old and advanced systems or applications is carried out under LEGACY SYSTEMS integration tag of our services.

We have expertise in obtaining and cleaning data from various older systems we use various software technologies to bridge your old CRM system to a new ERP system.
We can develop a system that will get data from various data sources:

  • CRM system
  • Sales reporting system
  • Online web store
  • Billing system

and load it in your ERP or CRM system, which then allows you to obtain ALL customer details needed

Microsoft Based Legacy Integration Consulting

Just a few of the mediums we’ve used in our enterprise application services include BizTalk development, SharePoint integration and SQL Server data integration, with in cooperation of the Microsoft partner network, we can provide expertise in all Microsoft based legacy technologies integration.

BizTalk development and BizTalk consulting services
If you’re looking at enterprise application integration, there may be no tool more powerful than Microsoft BizTalk. is designed to integrate legacy  applications, automate business processes, offer business-to-business communication, and more.
Through the use of adapters, BizTalk development can make various systems work together and offer business activity monitoring, support multiple data formats, and a highly scalable business rules engine.
EnterProSys BizTalk development practice has helped hundreds of organizations streamline their business processes and reduce the strain on resources that are stuck performing manual tasks that could be automated. BizTalk development allows enterprise businesses to maximize the ROI from their team by keeping employees productive and preventing excessive stress and frustration with unnecessarily manual labor.

Microsoft SharePoint integration
The flexibility offered with Microsoft SharePoint application development makes it ideal for integrating with enterprise legacy systems. Many businesses underutilize SharePoint, failing to leverage its capability as a web platform, enterprise search, business intelligence, enterprise content management, and social networking.
EnterProSys has a history of application integration services in and around the Microsoft platform makes us an ideal partner for SharePoint integration. SharePoint’s ability to integrate with legacy CRMs, ERPs, SQL databases, and more make it a powerful tool for mission-critical, enterprise business needs.

SQL Server data integration services
Mountains of data are rendered useless if they’re inaccessible and not interactive. Database management with SQL server data integration is a breeze, however, and its customizable and extendable nature make it a critical component to business intelligence solutions.
Able to team with numerous technologies, Microsoft SQL Server data integration services have been at the heart of countless business intelligence solutions provided by EnterProSys – streamlining processes and saving timeline along the way.

LEGACAY integration also includes a variety of platforms and technologies which are no more known as an advancement or expertise, but integrating with an advanced and most recent technology makes it complx to establish a result oriented integration. it utlilizes such as,

  • Enterprise Applications built on Unix, C, Foxpro, etc
  • Computer Networks
  • Business Processes manual layouts etc.

Collectively, we present LEGACY SYSTEMS INTEGRATION services and solutions in our main domain of services that includes,

  • ERP Solutions
  • Business Intelligence BI & Data Warehousing DW
  • Middleware infrastructure Software and Applications Services