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In today's global economy, Microsot is amongst the leaders in providing business integrated application, systems and technologies. we use these variety of sources and use shared technology and information across the cumstomers platform to integrated their disparate sources. To do that, we need a tool to make all your systems integrated to each other and to maximize the flow of transactions.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration Solutions

"better customer service, access to additional up-sell and cross-selling opportunities"

EnterProSYS is the first choice to  consult for Microsoft Dynamics organizations that are looking to integrate their production, sales, financial, supply chain, and other business related data with any other in-house or cloud-based systems. EnterProSYS is able to quickly and easily integrate data such as customers, orders, inventory and invoices with other applications, providing Dynamics users a single view of the latest information.


Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP gives enterprises the ability to provide better customer service, access to additional up-sell and cross-selling opportunities, and effective ways to cleanse their data to eliminate duplicates and inaccuracies.

With EnterProSys assistance you can:

  • Connect any business system with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics ERP.
  • Migrate data from any data source (flat files, database, applications, etc.) into Dynamics.
  • Synchronize back-office systems through seamless Microsoft Dynamics integration.
  • Seamlessly connect other Microsoft offerings such as Access, Excel, SQL Server, and more.

EnterProSys for Microsoft Dynamics Integration gives organizations the ability to quickly solve even the most complex migration and integration challenges between their CRM, ERP, and other business systems and data sources.

Integrate any Dynamics data with any other systems:

  • Synchronization of orders, invoices, product and other information.
  • Connect order management & distribution with warehouse management systems.
  • Automation for real-time transactions, bi-directional updates.
  • Summary A/R updates from accounting systems.
  • Share POs and payments with suppliers and trading partners.
  • Extract data to Data warehouses and reporting/BI systems.
  • Integration leads, campaigns and opportunities with marketing automation systems.
  • Connect call centers to support tickets and RMAs.

We can help you to Connect Microsoft Dynamics with:

Enterprise Applications
including Peoplesoft, Oracle Financials, JD Edwards, SAP, Lawson, BAAN, and more!

including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Informix, Teradata, and more!

SaaS applications
including Salesforce, RightNow, Oracle On Demand, Xactly, NetSuite, Workday, and more!

Other Data sources
including XML, Web Services, simple and complex flat files, Email, Active Directory, custom applications, and more!




Microsoft BIZTALK Server is being used for several Business Integration Projects under EnterProSYS consultancy. BizTalk Server is a fully featured integration Server with capabilities to integrate almost all the Business Solutions from legacy applications to the latest web oriented applications.

BizTalk Server is Microsoft's Integration and connectivity server solution. A mature product on its seventh release, BizTalk Server 2010 provides a solution that allows organizations to more easily connect disparate systems. BizTalk Server allows connecting diverse applications, as well as creating, executing, and monitoring process logic that uses those applications. It also helps organizations to create better automated business processes.

With the new "AppFabric Connect" feature in BizTalk Server 2010, the boundaries of integration are extended even further. Now, in a few simple steps, one can expose the existing Web Services orchestrated on BizTalk Server 2010 into the Cloud. This allows new and existing customers of BizTalk Server 2010 to take advantage of the new economic benefits offered by the Cloud.

Having BizTalk opens the following beneficial paths in your organizational infrastructure.


  • Simplify and automate interoperability to reduce costs and errors
  • Gain critical insights on business processes and performance
  • Shield processes from change impacts
  • Integrate to eliminate redundancy
  • Automate your business interactions with partners

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

EnterProSys uses several MS applications to provide you a best integrated platform across your organization, one of those is Microsoft BIZTALK Server used for EAI projects.

Many of EnterProSYS customers rely on us and BizTalk Server daily as their trusted platform for solutions such as payment processing, supply chain visibility, multi-channel interactions and near real-time decision-support and reporting.

Reach our BizTalk Consulting Team today at  for a free demo and let's communicate about how we can help your organization with your BizTalk project