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Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions are efficiently meeting the BI standards and can help your organization quickly access the timely, relevant, and accurate information that drives better decision making and impacts your bottom line.
Our team are highly skilled Microsoft Professionals, our experienced people are on hand to provide all the support you need.We are focused on providing high value Business Intelligence consulting, training and support services to our loyal and expanding customer base and we do this by delivering innovative and engaging solutions which embrace new technologies as they redefine the market.


Microsoft Business Intelligence is mostly powered by Microsoft SQL Server and delivered through the trusted and familiar Microsoft Office system. There are a number of Microsoft technologies meeting the needs of small businesses and midsized companies. Our consultants are experts in the installation, configuration, design, development and deployment of the following Microsoft BI Technologies:

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
An integral part of the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) enables organization to more easily manage data from a wide array of data sources, through exceptional Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) and integration capabilities.

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services is an OLAP engine and data mining platform that provides a single version of truth for your reports, spreadsheets, key performance indicators (KPIs), and analytical applications. It provides a consolidated view across your organization, enabling insight into the key drivers that impact your business. Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services provides a familiar interface for users and an open architecture to allow developers to integrate the data.

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services is a comprehensive reporting platform that enables real-time and scheduled reports accessible through a Web browser, familiar desktop applications, or specialized line-of-business tools. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services provides a complete, integrated, reporting and analysis solution.
An integrated part of the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform, Reporting Services combines the data management capabilities of SQL Server and Microsoft Windows Server with familiar and powerful Microsoft Office System applications to deliver real-time information to support daily operations and drive decisions.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
An integral part of the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server offers an integrated suite of server capabilities that allow collaboration among individuals and teams across your organization. From a single location, you can provide content management features and implement business processes, and you can supply access to essential business intelligence information that can help your people drive better results.
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server supports all intranet, extranet, and Web applications across an enterprise within one integrated platform, instead of relying on separate fragmented systems. Additionally, this collaboration and content management server provides IT professionals and developers with the platform and tools they need for server administration, application extensibility, and interoperability.

PowerPivot for Excel
Microsoft PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel 2010 provides ground-breaking technology, such as fast manipulation on large data sets (often in millions of rows), streamlined integration of data, and the ability to effortlessly share your analysis through Microsoft SharePoint 2010.
Microsoft Excel. You can transform mass quantities of data with incredible speed into meaningful information to get the answers you need in seconds. You can effortlessly share your findings with others.
You can:

  • Process millions of rows with about the same performance as few hundred rows using by leveraging PowerPivot in-memory engine and efficient compression algorithms.
  • Integrate data from a multitude of sources, including corporate databases, spreadsheets, reports, text files, and Internet data feeds.
  • Interactively explore, analyze, and create reports without depending on expert knowledge and specialty training by using native Excel 2010 functionality such as PivotTables, slicers, and other familiar analysis features.

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