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Salesforce.com is one of the most demanding and well known Cloud business solution providers across the world. Starting off as a sales and service cloud solution, Salesforce now offers a whole host of platform as a service offerings via Force.com. Salesforce is the leader in CRM solutions in the cloud computing environment. sforce

EnterProSYS offers cloud consulting services to help you implement Salesforce solutions. Salesforce via force.com provides a fully-integrated development platform that is easier and more than 50% faster than traditional application development environments.

The magnificence of Force.com is that it provides a secure, real time platform, which allows developers to access the database, workflow all on the web. As a software developer, you no longer need to purchase a development environment and install it on your computer. The fully integrated, reliable, and secure development environment is available whenever or wherever you need it.

Sales Cloud - Salesforce.com
Sales Cloud is the world's number 1 sales CRM application, currently serving 67,900 customers with more than 2 million subscribers worldwide. Sales Cloud is affordable for any size business. Functionality includes Accounting, Contacts, Marketing, Leads Management, Opportunities Management, quotes, analysis, forecasting, Visual Force Manager, email, content library, and mobile integration, all with no hardware and software expenses. All you need is minimal customization based on your needs.



Service Cloud - Software-as-a-Service
Today, the way businesses operate has changed dramatically. Enterprises are using social networking sites, blogs and other places on the Internet to implement sales and marketing strategies, and to find out what consumers are saying about their products and services.

When interacting with time-strapped customers, call center reps need to quickly and effectively access the knowledgebase. Service Cloud not only provides the knowledgebase, but also allows interaction with social networking sites like FaceBook and Twitter.

Using Service Cloud, you get everything you require for your customer service center, including features like Call Center needs, customer portal, social networking integration, knowledgebase, email, chat, Google search, and mobile access.
EnterProsys Consulting is there to help and assist you in hiring the Salesforce Cloud technologies, we have capabilities such as:

  • Experts in Salesforce deployment methodologies
  • Experienced in Salesforce development methodologies
  • Experienced in implementations
  • Database.com, Desk.com (for help desks) and many other force.com applications
  • Multi-company and global experience
  • Custom ERP integration experience
  • Flexible engagement options