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SOA is a technological advancement, provides service-oriented approach consisting of mainly web services as a core component of it. A web service does not equal SOA but is extremely considered as a technical enabler to realize SOA. The web services possess the functional characteristics of loosely coupled and reused etc, which allow joining them together or dissembling while executing a business process. The use of these loosely-coupled web services with platform independent re-useable interfaces has become an industry standard specifically focusing on business processes

EnterProSys help their customers in designing, developing, operating and optimizing the business processes through integration solutions that leverage the features of SOA and web services in an operational business process.

All our services and solutions are influenced by the proven and most authentic methodologies from vendors like Oracle, SAP, and IBM to name a few. We have experience on dealing with a multiple nature of industries and department like Retail, Manufacturing, HR, Financials, Healthcare, Media, Logistic, and Material Management etc.

A few of our SOA Services offerings are listed below.

SOA based application adoption
Our experienced SOA professionals can monitor the SOA adoption process and guide you further on following a pragmatic, iterative approach with demonstrable value at each stage.

SOA based Business Process Platform
SOA and web services based Business Process Platform (BPP) is our in house development. We have experts with real-world experiences in SOA methodologies and can help in establishing a SOA based Platform with more refined Modeling Processes.


Services Oriented Engineering
We offer SOA building Services, reusing and building block functionalities, Testing SOA implementations, SOA based applications integrations and SOA based business Process reengineering services.

SOA Research Platform
We run a dedicated research platform to study, develop and Analyze SOA architecture. The SOA center of Excellence and Research is driven by our SOA Research and development team members along with a training facility center for SOA software, applications and tools.