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EnterProSYS is a leading provider of IT Virtualization and Consolidation technologies and servicing in country. We offer VMWARE virtualization consulting, design and implementation services to help our clients to implement and promote the efficient Infrastructure hardware, and datacenters operations.


A challenge of IT departments today is consolidating IT using the virtualization technologies in order to reduce the server farms and minimizing their hardware investment. Server virtualization provides option to partition the resources of a server so that we can have multiple 'virtual Servers' completely isolated and dependent running on a single physical hardware to deliver greater IT resources utilization.

EnterProSYS experience in the VMWARE data centers Solutions, when combined with our understanding of the datacenter technologies, enables our clients to meet the cost benefits while mitigating the relevant risks.

IT consolidation and Virtualization provides many benefits such as easier to manage application and infrastructures but would be having greatest outcomes as listed below while adopting the virtualization.

  • Multiple applications and operating systems hosted on a single Hardware physical system.
  • A quick adoption of new Applications, software and private cloud in your company.
  • Increased operational Agility with Data center space, Data Storage and Power consumption saving of about 80%.
  • Brilliant disaster recovery measures, as Virtual Machines are completely independent from other virtual machines. One's crash wont effect others performance.
  • Robust information protection as a complete virtual machine environment can be saved on a single file provides protection, backup, recovery and zero Datacenters or servers downtime.

EnterProSYS has expertise to help you find a unified solution for your organization and includes Assessment, virtualization proposal and Implementing the Virtualization Hardware and software. As an expert of VMware our engineers have the cross platform expertise to deliver the best virtualization systems for our clients.

Network Virtualization


Virtualization of LAN and WAN results in high ROI and low ownership costs and has been recognized as a mendatory part of a highly scalable IT Infrastructure. For same EnterProSyS has seperately catogrized the Network Virtualization for a better and more advanced Infrastructure. EnterProSYS Virtualization experts are consistently working on providing Virtual LAN and WAN technologies, catogorized as under.

LAN Virtualization

  • Access control to recognize users and devices and authorize them to enter assigned portions of the network
  • Authorizing users or devices to the correct set of available resources. The VLANs, Private VLANS, GRE, VRF Lite and MPLS VPN are some of our techniques used for LAN Virtualization.

WAN Virtualization

  • Using WAN Accelerators to optimize WAN link utilization and enhance the application response time
  • Helps in managing WAN and overcomes the re-usage limitation of IP address spaces. It also provides the extra security and helps in implementing VRF based solutions like VPN.
  • GRE, DMVPN and MPLS services – MPLS, MGRE and GRE based solution helps in segmenting the traffic and allow multiple sharing of a single bandwidth by different business units.

DataCenter Virtualization

To know specifically about our Datacenter Server Virtualization click on the Image below.


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