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As a part of our Business Process Management (BPM) Services, ARIS platform is chosen for process automation and management. ARIS Platform is a part of our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and BPM based Business Process Platform. It works with our Business Process Analysis (BPA) solution to help you achieve process excellence across the entire Enterprise BPM life cycle. It's also an ideal complement to our Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution, which provides a foundation for process automation across different systems.

EnterProSYS in house designed EPS BPP has compatibility with ARIS platform which can further help in designing, analyzing, and automating Business Processes within the organization.

ARIS deals and fix all your issues you normally face in a running process oriented environment like Issuing and Dealing with your Purchase Orders, Customers Request in your CRM. ARIS provide solutions empowered with technology, integration with SOA and web services and all best practices. Please contact EnterProSYS to get started quickly showing results and for a full set of optional predesigned processes, web methods scenarios and governance solutions and thousand of sample Key Performance Indicators (KPIs.)


  • SAP Specific Business Process Designs in an SAP driven environment.
  • Integrating SAP and ARIS to interact your Business Process Design with your existing SAP functionalities and with SAP Solution Manager.
  • Process Test Bench implementation using ARIS Test Designer with SAP Solution Manager enables you to successfully run your business process before you go live.