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dynA rationalized approach that integrate all customers relationship based processes and activities keeps your CRM thriving. Within Microsoft Dynamics CRM we can help you integrated SALES & MARKETNG processes to adopt the best possible Customers reach and interaction, resulting in a huge revenue potential.

Coping all the past complexities, cost and users adoption issues, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a higher adaptability and ease of use with assurance to have a higher user adoption. Dealing and reaching thousands of CRM customers across the continents, Microsoft Dynamics CRM could be a right choice for customers who are looking for efficient and cost effective CRM solutions.

EnterProSYS delivers the right Microsoft Dynamics CRM approach and platform for your business. We have consultants and experts who can thoroughly study, analyze and successfully deploy the dependable, productive and Dynamics Solutions. We have better expertise on Business Process Customization and Management within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM as per your requirements and needs that help ensure a high ROI and increase your potential to have a successive and confident Customers range.

EnterProSYS wider range of expertise and consultancy enable you to access the extensive tools and technologies to support all processes of you business, production and financial cycles and to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with other legacy and online business applications and ERP Systems.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration Solutions

"better customer service, access to additional up-sell and cross-selling opportunities"

EnterProSYS is the first choice to  consult for Microsoft Dynamics organizations that are looking to integrate their production, sales, financial, supply chain, and other business related data with any other in-house or cloud-based systems. EnterProSYS is able to quickly and easily integrate data such as customers, orders, inventory and invoices with other applications, providing Dynamics users a single view of the latest information.


Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP gives enterprises the ability to provide better customer service, access to additional up-sell and cross-selling opportunities, and effective ways to cleanse their data to eliminate duplicates and inaccuracies.

With EnterProSys assistance you can:

  • Connect any business system with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics ERP.
  • Migrate data from any data source (flat files, database, applications, etc.) into Dynamics.
  • Synchronize back-office systems through seamless Microsoft Dynamics integration.
  • Seamlessly connect other Microsoft offerings such as Access, Excel, SQL Server, and more.

EnterProSys for Microsoft Dynamics Integration gives organizations the ability to quickly solve even the most complex migration and integration challenges between their CRM, ERP, and other business systems and data sources.

Integrate any Dynamics data with any other systems:

  • Synchronization of orders, invoices, product and other information.
  • Connect order management & distribution with warehouse management systems.
  • Automation for real-time transactions, bi-directional updates.
  • Summary A/R updates from accounting systems.
  • Share POs and payments with suppliers and trading partners.
  • Extract data to Data warehouses and reporting/BI systems.
  • Integration leads, campaigns and opportunities with marketing automation systems.
  • Connect call centers to support tickets and RMAs.

We can help you to Connect Microsoft Dynamics with:

Enterprise Applications
including Peoplesoft, Oracle Financials, JD Edwards, SAP, Lawson, BAAN, and more!

including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Informix, Teradata, and more!

SaaS applications
including Salesforce, RightNow, Oracle On Demand, Xactly, NetSuite, Workday, and more!

Other Data sources
including XML, Web Services, simple and complex flat files, Email, Active Directory, custom applications, and more!