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Adopting the current global economy, companies require an appropriate integrated platform to seamlessly accommodate different kinds of applications, Systems and Technologies. To meet this, you need architecture to make all your IT and Business Systems talk to each other for a smooth and effective flow of information. Whether using EnterProSYS developed solutions or other established business software from market leaders such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, we provide assistance and remedies on establishing and resolving the technology and business integrated issues.

Business Process Platform (BPP)

EnterProSYS uses the most emerging technologies in order to provide you a well integrated architecture and business platform to enable you to efficiently automate and integrate your business processes. All our solutions and proposed applications are fully enriched with following tools and technologies features.

  • Web services technologies
  • Services oriented architectures (SOA) and
  • Cloud computing concepts and theories


In addition to our system integration experience, our platform of research and innovation works with our alliances and has initially developed internally an EnterProSYS Business Process Platform (BPP) which is based in all industry specific requirements and utilizes the services-oriented architecture (SOA) to complement your existing and new business processes to deliver values.

Our BPP provides best in class Business applications and Systems integration Services that includes,

  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) on a single BPP
  • Cloud Computing and Back Office Integration
  • B2B and B2C Integration Services
  • Business Process Management & Integration
  • Legacy Systems and Application Integration

Our Systems Integration expertise combines our expert project management skills in delivery of expert IT Services in various domains like Energy & Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Telecom, Health Sector, Defense and Transport and Railways Sectors with in cooperation of global leaders like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and others.

Infrastructure Integration

EnterProSys Business Process Platform (BPP) is an Infrastructure built and fully enriched with web services features, which provide foundation for a fully flexible and agile integration platform. Our Business Process Platform (BPP) is an Infrastructure built and fully enriched with web services features, which provide foundation for a fully flexible and agile integration platform. EnterProSys BPP provides interoperability between disparate systems, applications and business processes for a faster processing and completion, including efficient Business Intelligence, real-time supply chains and efficient ERP Processes functionality.

For organizations trying to get the most out of existing applications and infrastructure investments, EPS Business Process Platform provides an Integration Infrastructure Middleware and is the fastest way to create powerful, reusable business services from existing applications. We provide better interoperability for more infrastructure components available now a day. All aspects of your existing infrastructure with no matter what nature of applications and integration you have, our BPP works in concert with the most advanced enterprise Services-Oriented Architecture to rapidly develop new business applications.

EnterProSYS BPP platform solutions can be used standalone or plug seamlessly into your existing infrastructures using IBM WebSphere, Microsoft .NET, SAP NetWeaver, and Oracle Fusion.

Application Integration

EnterProSYS BPP is a unique and powerful enterprise service bus (ESB) that enables you to create, compose, simulate and manage web services functions. It also provides event-driven integration and B2B interaction management, at same time it interoperates with proprietary technologies as well as industry standards.

Our BPP helps our clients reuse existing application and to create powerful and reusable web services for a real time integration and services oriented architecture. Our BPP also delivers rapid throughput and latency, making it a prime component of high-performance business processing solutions.

EnterProSYS BPP also serves as a platform for business process automation. It facilitates the transformation of any your existing application or legacy database into fully reusable services that aid in an efficient process composition.
Adopting EnterProSys services-oriented platform you can enhance vital operations, increase staff productivity, and reduce expenses by automating key processes and workflows across the business.

Ultimately, organizations benefit through easier business process changes, better management visibility into IT projects, and lower TCO for integration projects.

Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you integrate your business Systems and to move you on a single well integrated Business Process Platform, where you work more effectively to increase revenue and decrease expenses.