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The Financial Services is one of the cores and growing entity in EnterProSYS. Using a value centric approach to enterprises, we have been transforming the financials processes and systems for some of the well known businesses. The Financial Services Practices in EnterProSYS is built on the strong domain competencies spanning Corporate and Retail banking, Insurance, capital Markets, Retail and Wholesale warehousing, auditing, insurance, Forex and many others. We are also catering to the IT and operational needs of some successive financial services companies. EnterProSYS helps leading financial services firms manage risk, comply with regulations, enhance product features, and manage transformational challenges.

  • Industry experiences like manufacturing, Productions, Human Capital Management, Sales & Inventory, etc.
  • An integrated approach for service setup with technology, operations and Infrastructure service offering.
  • Expertise in managing multi services engagements and has association with investment enterprises and banks.
  • Relationship with many banks as outsourced service provider on cards, Loans, Trade Finance, Cash Management, Risk Management, Corporate Finance and Insurance, and growing with many others.
  • Solution accelerators with SOA based Finance Processing platform, with Business Intelligence Reporting Features.
  • Consulting on various third party Finance and Accounts products, for enhanced financial services. Offering consulting services on world leading enterprise finance solutions like SAP, Microsoft, SageERP , Oracle etc.




EnterProSys has strong expertise in Implementing, Supporting, Maintaining, and Testing applications that cover a wide range of business processes and functions in the banking area. Our main array of expertise is listed below.

Banking Technologies & Architecture

EnterProsys has expertise in deploying the right technology architecture, applications and policies that allow banks to operate as seamlessly connected and integrated enterprise.

Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC)

we provide a broad range of solutions and services to address regulatory compliance in risk management related areas. Apart from Consulting and IT strategy enterProSys offers Testing and Data Maintenance for GRC implementations, such as comprehensive Services in areas like Testing, ETL in Data warehosing, Financial Analysis and Audits. our approch would improve the operational resilience of your IT Infrastructure.

Internal Audit Solutoin

EnterProSys Internal Audit Management services are fully compatible with financial Audit competencies and help companies to manage a wide range of audit-related programs, data and processes. The internal audit approach by EnterProSys auditors provides the flexibility to support all types of audits, including internal audits, operational audits, IT audits, supplier audits and quality audits. Our procedure followed in conducting the internal Audit provides end-to-end functionality for managing the complete audit lifecycle including risk assessment, audit planning and scheduling, development of standard audit plans and checklists, field data collection, development of audit reports and recommendations, review of audit recommendations by auditees and management and implementation of audit recommendations and remediation.

Financial Intelligence

Financial intelligence provides the required capability for the finance department, includes financial data integrity, budgeting, forecasting, scorecarding, simulation, risk management and more.

we have solutions to provide our clients with real-time financial dashboards, reporting and analytics that allow them to continually work on the key performance indicators (KPIs) and generate the updated financial reports. Diagnose and resolve financial problems efficiently with drill down access to customers, employee or other transactional details.

Human Capital Management

Streamlining companies Human Resource Management processes reduces costs, improves employee satisfaction, and makes operational specially Financial regarding HCM more productive. EnterProSys provides an end-to-end consultancy which has our learnt and designed procedures for a comprehensive time tracking, incentive compensation, expense reporting and payroll tools.

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

EnterProSys Inventory & Supply Chain Mangement solutions offers a complete set of inventory management, manufacturing, and purchasing capabilities that improves supply chain management and delivers a complete procure-to-pay process. Gain an in depth, real-time view into key supplier, inventory and procurement indicators. Self-service capabilities for partners, vendors and customers improve collaboration throughout the entire supply chain.

Government Resource Planning (GRP)

EnterProSys is one of the leading GRP Solution proivder in South Asian & Middle East Region. we offer a comprehensive Solutions for Government Resource Planning that help government and its affiliates efficiently manage, plan, develop, acquire and optimize the most valuable and effective asset . Our GRP helps Govt. to improve mainly their Financial Activities and management.

The Financial Management systems automate all financial business processes, while providing a single accurate view of all financial information generated from the receivables, payables, projects and other sub-ledgers, following the accrual base of accounting and including a standard chart of accounts. They allow for the consolidation of all Government Department Balances in one ledger. EnterPrise Project Management is an integrated solution for manging global project life cycles that automates operations, budget control and finances by integrating with HR, financials and procurement.